Minor Service Points

Road Test Vehicle

  • Verify steering does not pull.
  • Verify vehicle stops properly.
  • Verify parking brake operates properly.
  • Verify vehicle idles and accelerates properly.
  • Verify vehicle comes to operating temperature and does not overheat.


Passenger Compartment

  • Functional Check
  • Horn, hazard flasher, turn signals.
  • Instrument cluster warning indicators, illumination, and interior lighting.
  • Exterior lighting, dipped beam, high beam, fogs (if applicable).
  • HVAC operation.
  • Windshield wipers, windshield/headlamp washers, rear wiper (if applicable).
  • Inspect seat belts for proper operation and damage.
  • Lubricate door hinges, lock assemblies, and door checks.
  • Treat weather stripping, with silicone gel.
  • Lubricate window tracks.
  • Lubricate sunroof/convertible top linkages (if applicable).
  • Verify sunroof/convertible top water drains are not blocked (if applicable).


  • Cabin air filter.

Wheels and Brakes

  • Remove wheels. Clean corrosion from wheel hubs and lubricate.
  • Inspect brake components and brake hoses.
  • Pad thickness
  • Front Rear
  • Inspect tires.
  • Tread depth
  • Front / Rear
  • Rotate wheels (if applicable).
  • Torque wheel bolts/nuts.


Vehicle Under Carriage

  • Verify protective panels are in place and properly secured.
  • Inspect exhaust system.
  • Inspect front and rear suspension, for looseness or leaks.
  • Inspect springs and spring seats for corrosion and mechanical defects.
  • Inspect power steering system; rack boots, tie rods, and tie rod boots.
  • Inspect for any fluid leaks.
  • Inspect for corrosion affecting mechanical integrity.



  • Inspect spare tire and reset proper spare tire pressure (if applicable).
  • Inspect for water intrusion.
  • Lubricate hinges and lock assembly.
  • Treat weather stripping, with silicone gel.


Engine compartment

  • Inspect vacuum lines, belts, and hoses.
  • Inspect for fluid leaks.
  • Top up all fluids.
  • Inspect cooling system.
  • Inspect and lubricate throttle linkages (if applicable).
  • Lubricate hinges and and latches.
  • Treat weather stripping, with silicone gel.


  • Engine oil and filter.
  • Brake fluid (if needed).
  • Engine coolant (if needed).